Why Roller-Skating Is the Skill to Learn in a Pandemic

Exercise is a tricky nut to crack for many, made even trickier in 2020. Whether it’s because of time constraints or lack of enjoyment for the activities themselves, not everyone knows the way in for them. Roller-skating is a form of cardio that can’t be compared to any other. You’ll burn those calories and look super cool when doing it. You can head out with a friend or pop your tunes in and go it solo. Below are just some of the benefits to lacing up your skates and grabbing 2020 by the horns.

It’s Healthy!

Roller-skating is the hidden gem of cardio workouts. Skating for just one hour per week burns 600 calories! That’s almost three Mars Bars! On top of being a calorie cruncher, skating is 50% less stressful on your joints than running. So, you can put down the trainers and pick yourself some quality derby skates at Riedell.  Their design and craftmanship will keep you safe and stylish at the same time. On top of its cardiovascular benefits, using those skates will also work out almost every muscle group in your body, meaning your muscle strength and endurance will grow too. Perfect for the 2020 apocalypse. 

It Gets You Out of the House and on the Move!

Not just physically healthy, but mentally too. We’ve all seen the walls of our homes a lot recently. Skating gives you the opportunity to not only get some fresh air in your lungs. It also provides the opportunity for exploration. Discover new areas in your city or town you’ve never seen before, or rekindling memories of old hangouts that you hadn’t thought to seek out again.  Many others have been picking their skates up during quarantine, so you’ll likely meet other newbies out on the street too! And guess what? It’s the ideal hobby for social distancing. Now that is a real bonus. 

A New Skill for the Portfolio

Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen new skills being boasted by friends and family over social media. Roller-skating isn’t currently the first skill or hobby put into job applications, so what a way to stand out from the crowd! Skating also opens doors that may have always remained shut. Are you a creative? You might land yourself that ‘actor needed with roller-skating experience’ role. A sports enthusiast? Find your local roller derby team and get training for a competitive experience like no other!

Things to Remember:

  • Be safe: Wear protective gear (helmet, kneepads and elbow pads at least)
  • Stick to what you know: To begin with, you’re going to want to stay in areas that you are familiar and comfortable with. Think of it as your tutorial area. Once you feel confident enough, skate up some dust and hit the town.
  • Take rest days: Skating is tough if you’re putting those derbies on every day, so make sure to look after yourself.

Have fun! The world is tough enough with all that negativity, so let’s throw some skating positivity into the pot!

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