Why Do People Have Different Blood Types-Blood-فصائل الدم-More Info?

It is very important to know your blood types-blood-فصائل الدم-more info especially when you encounter accidents that induce blood loss. You should understand that not all types of blood can be mixed. In fact, if you mix one type of blood to another that is incompatible, this can be very dangerous to your health and may cause immediate death. A lot of people wonder why they have different types of blood. If you want to know the answer too, continue reading below.

The reason why people have different blood types can attributed to the different compositions of blood particularly pathogens and proteins. These compositions that are found mainly on the RBCs create a defining characteristic for every person. This discovery has uncovered in the early years because of the effects of blood transfusions. Experts have found out that there are blood types that are incompatible to each other leading them to study further on the blood of people. After many years, they have concluded that people basically have four types namely A, B, AB and O which can either be positive or negative.

Why are some types of blood incompatible to others? The main reason is the antigens. For instance, when type A is transfuse to a person with type B. The antigens will react by damaging the cells of each other. This is because the cells of type A sees the cells of type B as enemies. It could also be that the plasma of type A is not a good environment for the cells of type B to thrive. As a result, the cells die and the patient is expose to great health risks.

Knowing your type of blood is also helpful in finding out the blood types of your family members. Using the punnet square, you can predict the possible blood types of your offspring. For instance, if you are AB and your spouse is O, your offspring will have a 50% chance of being A and a 50% chance of being B. This method has produce many cases wherein some people discover that they were just adopt and not really the biological children of their parents.

The process of finding out the type of your blood is not that complicated. All the doctors have to do is to get a sample of your blood. After that, they will test your blood by mixing it with antigens of types A and B. The way your blood will react will determine your blood type. If the blood agglutinates or come together, it is an indication that your blood is reactive to the antigens. It is also important to know if your blood is RH negative or RH positive. RH negative can quite complicated especially in terms on childbirth.

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