Pentobarbital for sale – What’s Sodium Pentobarbital Doing in Pet Foods?

Pentobarbital for sale: Did you know that sodium pentobarbital, the drug used to euthanize animals, has been found in popular pet foods?

Rendering plants accept road kill, dead zoo animals, and euthanized pets from shelters and vet clinics. This means that if the pet food manufacturer uses protein from rendering plants. The drug is ending up in pet foods. In the 1990’s, vets started noticing that the drug sodium pentobarbital was having a reduced effect for anesthetizing and euthanizing pets, and reported it to the FDA/CVM. It was investigated and determined that pets were becoming immune to the drug because it was in their food. Sodium pentobarbital was found in 31 of 37 dry dog foods tested.

Foods selected contained ingredients such as “meat and bone meal”, “animal digest” and “animal fat”. The reason is that if the meat or fat source isn’t specified. It’s source isn’t know as it came from rendering plants, where the drug is not degrade by the rendering process. In other words, it’s still able to do harm to our pets, causing liver and kidney damage, to name just a few.

There’s an interesting article entitled “Why is the Pet Food Industry killing our pets?” by Ann Martin of the Earth Island Journal. The author was able to personally trace euthanized pets from local vet clinics right to the rendering plants. Where the end product is ship to many pet food companies.

There’s also a lawsuit that has been file on the side effects of pet food which states that today’s pet foods are mostly carbohydrates. And sugars along with toxic preservatives and additives (like sodium pentobarbital) with very little or no meat in them. This is tragic, because cats and dogs need meat. And cats in particular need even more meat in their diet than dogs. Did you know that wild cats die if fed our commercial cat food? Our pets have been condition over the years to be able to survive eating commercial pet food. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for them, and it also is very likely the reason they now are diagnose with so many human diseases. Like heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and all kinds of allergies to name a few.

So how do you avoid feeding your pets these harmful chemicals and preservatives? Make sure the meat source in your pet food isn’t coming from a rendering plant. One way is to make your own pet food from human grade meats. If you don’t want to make your own food, a good alternative is a natural or organic pet food. Which uses human grade meat, and is preserve with Vitamin E or Rosemary. I have a list of pet foods I have personally checked out in my sidebar which you can refer to as a guide.

Make sure the first ingredient is meat, and it should be specified whether it’s beef, chicken, turkey etc. Avoid any foods listing “meat by-products,” “chicken or turkey by-products and meal”. Any animal fat should be specified, such as “chicken fat”. These are good rules of thumb to be sure that the protein hasn’t come from a rendering plant.

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