Tren Steroid in Bodybuilding: The Truth and Myths

Tren Steroid: It is true – bodybuilding is hard. And if you’re an ectomorph it is twice as hard. Not so much because you have to work harder and smarter (although to some extend, it is true), but mostly because you will not have as many “hurray” moments as your mesomorph and endomorph counterparts. Simply put, you will workout hard, yet you won’t see the results. Or at least, your pictures of ‘ectomorph before and after’ will most likely show only marginal results.

So, What Are Steroids? Are They THAT Bad? Are They THAT Good?

To many people, this is a very unsatisfactory way of working out and who can blame them. Many either quit, or start looking for the magic bullet. In the world of ectomorph bodybuilding, this magic bullet is typically called steroids.

When it comes to the use of steroids, most people would simply say they are bad and start describing all the real, as well as made-up side effects they believe the steroids will have on a skinny human being such as yourself. They will start showing you pictures of dead bodybuilders and weight lifters and telling you horror stories. That a friend of their friend’s friend experienced when he took 5mg of Deca. Durabolin one Wednesday, turning him into an aggressive monster with woman’s breasts by Thursday morning.

Then there are people, who dismiss any side effects as urban legends. Declaring the steroids to be no more harmful than a Big Mac (I guess they may be even righ). They will try to convince you that the steroids are not only harmless. But that they are in fact very good for your body. After all, they know know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a 25 year old ectomorph bodybuilder who has been using steroids for almost a year, and not only is he still alive, he never felt better.

The point is, the debate about steroids is typically very heat and driven by personal belief more than actual science. And to add even more controversy into the debate, some companies introduced legal versions of some of the most popular steroids. For example, Primal Muscle Company recently introduced legal version of Primobolan. Which is a steroid use to dramatically increase the level of testosterone. Obviously, the legal version is not steroid in the exact meaning of the word, (it is consider a supplement) but it does work on similar basis, yet of course, without the negative effects (or so they claim).

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