Top 4 Figure Correcting Exercises For Women

Exercises must be included as an essential part of our life. While some of us do exercises to keep ourselves free from diseases, others do exercises to get rid of certain chronic health problems and diseases that they suffer from.

There are women and men too, who want to flaunt their beautiful and attractive physique. So, they follow an exercise regime seriously. Now, the idea of toning down is different among different people.

If we focus our discussion, especially on women, we will see that the concept of slimming and toning down is different for different people. While, some of them prefer athletic build, with a slight hint of feminine muscles, others opt for extra slim figures that are very popular nowadays as ‘O’ figure.

Some of the women, on the contrary to all these ideas, choose to have a feminine look; characterized by flat tummy, but shapely breasts, round and full busts and thin waist. On the whole, we can say, these women look for the right curves in the right places.

From the concept itself appvalley, it is clear that it is indeed a tough job to achieve such a chiseled body that has all the feminine assets intact as well as slim. But, this article will focus on some of the freehand exercises that work towards toning and shaping up the body of women in the way they want. But, at the same time, the figure will be devoid of any excess fat.

Toning exercises for the breasts

Breasts are the most essential assets of feminine beauty. None of the women wish to have diminished breasts. Supple and shapely breasts are what every woman desires. Thus, the mentioned free hand exercises below, aim at making breasts beautiful.

Exercise no. 1

Stand straight on flat ground, keeping a distance of about one foot in between your legs. Your hands should be placed firmly on both sides of your body. Keep your spinal cord erect.

As you begin the exercise, lift both your hands together, above your head, by taking in deep breathing. Connect them when they reach the top, just above your head. Now, gradually bend backward, retaining the posture of your legs and hands as directed. Bend back as much as you can and hold on to the position for about 15 seconds. Breathe normally during this time.

Next, release gradually and bring your hands down first, followed by bringing your whole body to a normal position. Take a few seconds of rest and repeat the same process for about 5 times. Increase this with time to get more benefits.

Toning exercises for the butts

Shapely and firm butts are the pride of most of the women. Beautiful butts give the body an ‘hourglass’ shape that adds up to he feminine beauty. Therefore, you must also include a hip firming exercise in your fitness regime.

Exercise no. 2

Kneel on flat ground. Now, slowly lift yourself and move towards your front. Support your body posture by placing your hands firmly on the ground, parallel to your shoulder level. Look straight. Keep your spinal cord straight too.

Begin the exercise by lifting your right leg first, to as must height as you can. Keep the leg straight and stretched out. Keep yourself static in the position for about 10 to 15 seconds and then lower down your leg. Now, start with the same procedure with your left leg.

After the same time as with your right leg, lower your left leg too and take rest for about 10 seconds further. Now, repeat the whole set of exercises for about 5 times to get the desired effects.

Toning exercises for the tummy

Round butts and shapely breasts can only give an ‘hourglass’ look if you have a flat tummy. But, tummy is the region that tends to gain more fat than any other part of the body. Moreover, it is the most stubborn region when it comes to fat reduction. But the exercise being discussed now will help in reducing tummy fat easily.

Exercise no. 3

Lie down on a flat surface, keeping your back and neck straight. Place your hands on either side of your body, in a relaxed way. Stretch out your legs and keep a gap of half a foot in between them. Look straight upwards.

Now, as you start doing the exercise, join your legs and lift them to a height of about two feet from the ground. Support your posture by turning your hands and holding on to the ground by spreading your palms.

After this, rotate both your legs. Follow the direction as given here. Rotate your right leg in the clockwise direction and your left leg in the anti-clockwise direction, simultaneously. Rotate your legs for about ten times at a stretch. Then, take a few seconds of rest. Repeat the whole exercise, aiming to do at least five sets, in total.


Toning exercises for the waist

Along with all the important parts of the body, the waist is also extremely important. Until and unless women have a thin waist, they cannot have a shapely and attractive figure. The perfect hourglass is obtained with a thin waist only.

Exercise no. 4

Stand straight on even ground, keeping your legs, spinal cord and head erect. Place your hands on either side of your body and look straight.

Now, while beginning to do the exercise, lift your right hand above your head. Do not bend your hand at all.

Bend your left hand and hold on to your waist with it. After this, bend your body towards your left side, without twisting or turning at all. Look straight in front of you during the process. Your right hand must also go towards the left side, without bending.

Hold on to this position for 10 seconds. You will feel a stretch in the side and waist muscle of the right-hand side of your body during the process.

Lower down both your hands from their directed position and take a few seconds of rest. Next, repeat the exercise for three to five sets in total 123netflix, so that its benefits show up as you wish.

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