Tips on Buying a Wusthof Classic Knife Set

The Wusthof Classic knife set is a combination of the most popular knives in the Wusthof line. We are going to examine these knives to learn if they are best suite for you.

Wusthof knives are make in Solingen, Germany by the Wusthof Company. This proud cutlery company has been a family own business since its beginning 197 years ago. They are universally renown as a manufacturer of high quality knives. The company adheres to a strict 40 step manufacturing plan to ensure the high quality of their knives.

The Classic knives are the top of the Wusthof line and come with a lifetime warranty. They are know for their sharpness which is a result of being forge from one piece of rust-resistant stainless steel. They have exceptional balance which is help by the blade extending through the knife handle which also provides durability and strength.

The Wusthof Classic Knife Set Variety
The Wusthof Classic knives can purchase one at a time. However, buying them in a set will save you money. To do this it is important to first determine what your needs are and how you use your knives. Doing this will make it easier to make a decision on the knife set that is right for you. The following are the more popular Wusthof knife sets:

  • The seven knives Classic Knife Set is great for those that desire a generally useful combination of knives that are most commonly used in the kitchen. Additions to the set can be purchased when needed. The set comes with an 8″ Cooks knife, a 3 1/2″ Paring knife, a 6″ Sandwich knife, a Bread knife, a 9″ Sharpening steel, and Kitchen shears. It also with a nice looking 13 slot knife block to store the knives.
  • The nine knife Wusthof Classic set includes the identical knives that are in the seven piece set. It also includes an 8″ carving knife and a 3″ paring knife. People that have small hands report that the small handle design on these two knives are easier to use and they are a little lighter than the bigger knives. The 13 slot knife block provides for the addition of the Classic steak knives that can be purchased separately.
  • The eleven piece Classic set includes virtually all the knives one would ever need. It has the same seven knives that are found in the first set and also includes four steak knives. This set leaves only two addition knives to acquire to have all the knives you would, most likely, ever need in the kitchen. A lot of people that enjoy cooking enjoy having a complete knife set in the kitchen that will meet all their needs.

Make sure that kitchen shears are include in any knife set you decide to purchase. Kitchen shears are great for about any tough cutting projects such as; meat de-boning, trimming, fixing cut flowers and other such projects. The Wusthof shears are easy to clean than many others because they can separated.

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