Liposinol For Weight Loss! Is Euro-Xenical Out Of Order?

A new obesity treatment named liposinol, which is basically a plant based cactus extract is in the offing as a suitable anti-obesity treatment. Similarly to Hoffman La Roche’s weight loss drug Euro-Xenical. This new medication is found to prevent fat breakdown by lipase enzymes and induces weight loss.

This medicine, Liposinol, made of non-soluble and soluble fibers. If taken after food it forms a bonding with body fats and as such a fat fiber complex is created. Due to its comparatively large size, this compound thus formed passes through the body without being absorbed in the small intestine. And is also significantly sheltered from breaking down by lipase enzymes. The obvious result is the prevention of excess fat absorption in the body and final outcome is weight loss.

But on this foundation and on the basis of a few clinical successes, can Liposinol be placed above Xenical in terms of efficacy? Won’t it be mere foolhardiness to assume that Liposinol, the product which is not even FDA approved, can outrun Xenical efficacy and accuracy?

Xenical was approved by FDA on 23rd April, 1999 as a long-term treatment of normal obesity for people whose BMI lie in between 27-30 and more. Xenical, the diet pill is specially recommended by FDA for the treatment of obesity in certain high risk conditions like diabetes, dislipidemia and hypertension. Furthermore, Xenical is for the treatment of weight loss as well as for preventing weight gain after prior loss for which on starting off the treatment of your obesity with Xenical diet pills, the normal weight gain after the initial weight loss can be easily avoided.

Can all these multi-benefits be achieved from the cactus extract, liposinol? Not possible even in your wildest dreams. If you opt for this medicine as a suitable alternative of Xenical, you have to hold yourself responsible for slowing down your weight loss regimen and for being unable to counter the threat of obesity effectively.

All these arguments seem credible to you or there are still doubts to be cleared? If even an iota of doubt is there in your mind, apply a simple procedure and get rid of it. Browse through the net with the Xenical keyword and catch up with authentic websites that provide genuine information on the weight loss drug Xenical. You can take the help of special sites like and check the facts stated here regarding Xenical.

There are also other medicines in the pharmaceutical market that can lead to quick weight loss but since fat is mainly responsible for the prevalence of obesity across the world and Xenical targets the fat accumulation in the body, so only Roche’s Xenical is prescribed for the treatment of obesity worldwide. You just have to apply Xenical to your system along with a diet containing 30% calories from fat and regular physical exercises.

One final sermon: Throughout your Xenical usage, it would be better to visit a weight loss expert and undergo clinical checkups to measure out your weight loss progress and also by this method you would be able to know the deficiencies in your weight loss schedule and make up for those.

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