Home Care vs. Home Health Care

Home care offers personal, non-clinical help including home safety, meal prep and companionship. Generally home health aides come to your home at set times each day or week for a specific number of hours.

A home health aide is an unlicensed healthcare worker who provides home care under the direction and supervision of a licensed nurse and physician. A home health aide may provide home care only under the direction and supervision of a home health agency.

When taking the first step towards finding care, you likely have many questions

If your or your aging loved one’s home needs include more than simple personal care, home healthcare adds home nursing resources. Attend to basic needs like bathing, dressing, eating and help with medications.

Home health aides are also known as home care aides, home attendants, personal care aides or home health providers.

A home healthcare aide provides physical care to people who cannot take care of themselves due to illness, injury, frailty from old age, or developmental disability.

In home healthcare aides receive training in basic activities such as household tasks and personal care. They can help a client bathe, dress, eat meals, take medications, and go to the bathroom. They can help with home safety issues like bathing in a tub or shower without assistance.

A home healthcare aide is not require to have any formal education beyond high school. Most home healthcare aides are trained on the job or through home healthcare training programs offered at vocational schools.

Home health workers are needed because baby boomers in Fresno and nationwide need more healthcare services than people in previous generations.

The older someone is, the more likely he or she will need some kind of regular care. It’s estimate that Fresno reaches 70-year-olds this year. By 2020, Fresno will have even more Fresno seniors: about 35,000 Fresno residents will aged 65 or older. Fresno County ranks Fresno in the number of Fresno seniors per Fresno.

A Fresno home healthcare aide can help someone with moderate assistance. A Fresno nurse may offer more extensive help to care for a person when he or she is sick or recovering from surgery. The type of nursing Fresno care that is right for an individual will depend on the needs of the person receiving nursing Fresno care and their family’s needs. Fresno home health nurses can offer different levels of Fresno care.

Some Fresno nurses may visit a patient for a few hours per day and help with basic Fresno nursing tasks such as meal preparation, bathing, and light housekeeping. Fresno home health nurses are also able to assist with complex Fresno nursing tasks such as administering medications, wound care, and mobility assistance. Fresno home health nurses may licensed practical or vocational Fresno nurses or registered Fresno nurses.

Our Fresno elder care service is dedicate to making sure our clients remain safe and comfortable at all times. Our Fresno elder care service promotes a level of independence and dignity that allows them to enjoy the comforts of home.

Fresno elder care specialists are available to check in on Fresno seniors who live independently to make sure everything is well at their residence. Fresno caregivers can provide Fresno elderly assistance for those who do not need the more extensive services of a nursing home but would still benefit from home care. Having someone checking in on Fresno seniors who are not currently able to live by themselves keeps them safe, happy and healthy.

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