Embracing Un Curso De Milagros of Your Human-Ness

Un Curso De Milagros: I have adopted a practice to embrace my human-ness. After I feel like I have “messed up” or “didn’t say the right thing,” I find a mirror and look right in my eyes. “I love you, I really really do,” said WITH feeling. My body knows the place of self-hatred, and it knows the place of self-love. It is a fine line between the two, and we have a choice in every minute of every day to tip the balance to self-love.

Do you suffer from perfectionism?

According to psychologist and perfectionism researcher, Hamachek D.E., there are types: normal and neurotic. Normal or healthy perfectionism finds a person feeling a deep sense of pleasure from the tedious effort of working towards “perfect.” And then there are the neurotic or unhealthy perfectionists who never feel satisfied and strain compulsively toward impossible goals. These people often measure their own self worth entirely in terms of productivity and accomplishment.

So it ain’t all bad. The pleasure one derives from striving to make something better until filled up with pride and an expression of who you are is what I call “Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life.” However, it is imperative to notice if you are struggling and tense while trying to perfect your recipe, article, parenting, job, project, etc., you are fighting and resisting your own human-ness.

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