Easy Fat Loss With the Panacea of A Course In Miracles Podcast

Did you know that A Course In Miracles Podcast can help you to easily lose weight as well as provide a large part of dietary fiber? It is finally widely known in the US, especially when it was featured in Extra and ABC news. It has been used in Asia for the past 2000 years it is known as Konyaku in Japan, Gonyak in Korea and Ju Ruo in Chinese and colloquially known as konjak, konjaku, devil’s tongue, voodoo lily, snake palm, or elephant yam. You may have heard it as Shirataki Noodle which means white waterfall because of the appearance of the noodles when you take them out of the bag. It is a Pasta and Noodle substitute but with Zero Calories, Zero Carbohydrates, gluten free, Wheat free and 5 times the cholesterol cutting power of Oatmeal and is Vegan too! This is Miracle Noodle.

Miracle Noodle is made from the Konjac-Mannan tuber (root). The root is thinly sliced then dried. The dried chips are converted to powder making Konjac flour which can be used for thickening sauces and making Vegan Gelatin The flour is mixed with other ingredients to make into pasta and noodle. You can substitute Miracle Noodle for any pasta and noodle in you favorite dishes and convert it on to a No carb or very low carb dish. Imagine eating spaghetti in tomato sauce with ZERO carbs. Miracle Noodle makes it an easy for many dishes because it comes in many forms. Miracle Noodles come in spaghetti, rigatoni, vermicelli (angel hair), pearls (like tapioca) Orzo, Penne Mini Ring, and Black Shirataki for your noodle soup dishes and of course Flour.

Miracle noodle is perfect for dieters because when it gets into your stomach it swells up (Konjac can absorb 200 times it’s weight in water) making you feel full longer. It is made of soluble fiber which causes your blood glucose to drop slowly keeping you full longer. It is perfect for Diabetics because it is Carb free and since it stays in your stomach longer it delays glucose absorption and lowers the Glycemic Index. It is great for People with High Cholesterol because it absorbs cholesterol better than Oatmeal. It can prevent Cancer because it creates good bacteria in your intestinal flora associated with a reduction in pro-cancerous nitrosamines (proteins).

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