Dr. Natale Topio – Energy Medicine and the Movement of Qi

Dr. Natale Topio: Strength remedy has deep roots in acupuncture meridian remedy. The meridians are like a sequence of rivers strolling via the whole body. They waft to each organ, muscle and channel of our our bodies. If there is a blockage mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually it’s going to affect the clean float of qi and a blockage of power will genuinely happen, resulting in some form of dis-eas of frame, mind or spirit. A great factor to remember is blood always follows qi.

If there’s a blocked qi float (qi stagnation) you may quickly see what we call in chinese medicine (blood stagnation).

  • Medical manifestations of blood stagnation are:
  • A dull/darkish complexion, red lips, pink nails.
  • Ache that has the best of dull in, constant and stabbing and can be worse at night time
  • Stomach masses that don’t pass
  • Bleeding with darkish blood and darkish clots
  • Polycythemia – thrombotic problems as myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral vascular sickness and deep vein thrombosis; an boom in blood viscosity that ends in reduced blood float, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, acne rosacea, urticaria, leg ulcers, lack of imaginative and prescient
  • Important thrombocythemia – spontaneous bruising, epistaxis, mucosal bleeding, thrombotic occlusion of arteries, myocardial infarction, stroke, gangrene, intestinal infarction, splenic atrophy
  • Platelet defects – smooth bruising, epistaxis, intestinal bleeding, persistent menorrhagia, mucous membrane bleeding within the mouth
  • Vascular and nonthrombocytopenic purpura – smooth bruising, epistaxis, immoderate bleeding after surgical operation or at some stage in menstruation; result of scurvy (vitamin c deficiency)
  • Issues of blood coagulation
  • Coagulation factor defects – hemarthrosis with hotness, redness swelling and pain and muscle cuff atrophy; compression neuropathy, cerebral hemorrhage; intrarenal bleeding & hematuria, intestinal bleeding and obstruction
  • Nutrition okay deficiency – new child hemorrhagic ailment, hemorrhage
  • Thrombophilia – venous thrombosis, arterial thrombosis

If there’s a disturbance inside the body there ought to very well be a blockage within the waft of qi and blood.

Scars from an vintage injuries or operations can reason the qi to stagnate or be blocked, that may result in blood stagnation and a bunch of fitness problems.

While i was in Switzerland i had the opportunity to spend a while at dr. Thomas rau’s clinic where they have combined many of the Japanese theories, like the float of strength within the meridians with traditional medicine. One of the maximum a hit remedies that i added lower back with me is neural remedy to open up blocked strength fields. (BEF)

Neural remedy is each an impact method of diagnosing and treating illness and ache because of disturbances of the frame’s electrophysiology. (cardiac electrophysiology is the technology of elucidating, diagnosing, and treating the electrical sports of the coronary heart.) these electric disturbances, called “blocked strength fields (BEF) are manifestations of mobile membrane instability and normally purpose abnormal autonomic apprehensive gadget responses. A blocked electricity field can be found in scars, the ganglia, teeth, or an internal organ.

(BEF) is blocked energy that has an unbalanced electrical ability than surrounding tissues. The clean drift of qi is disturbed and dis-ease can result in the nervous system, cause persistent pain and dysfunction of normal structures.

A scar might also purpose lower back pain, migraine headache, continual belly ache or cell disturbances affecting the immune system in addition to sexual dysfunctions.

When a patient comes into my workplace for the primary time, i look at the complete body for scars from vintage injures and operations. That is an over seemed key to unlocking a patient’s health problems. The blocked power in a meridian modifications flow to a frame part while a trauma impacts that vicinity of the body. (BEF) develops whilst the device manage does not go back to normal after the trauma.

You could find a blockage by means of palpate over scars and trouble spots in addition to testing the patient’s muscle electricity using implemented kinesiology, automated law thermography, coronary heart charge variability or some of the other superior power measuring devices.

If the tissue isn’t always receiving ok flow, from a blocked energy field, it’ll be much less energetic and not have as robust an electromagnetic rate.

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