Cultured Grass-fed Ghee: Manufactured with Best Raw Ingredients

Nowadays, most of the people are eager to use products that are organically produced. The matter goes the same with dairy products also Cultured Grass-fed Ghee. This is why grass-fed ghee has earned global popularity. Grass-fed ghee is produced from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk which is much more nutritious than grain fed cow’s milk.

Cultured Grass-fed ghee

Normal grass-fed ghee and cultural grass-fed ghee has little difference. Cultured ghee definitely contains all the premium benefits of grass fed ghee but it has some added qualities too. Cultured ghee is produced by the fermentation process where the lactose in cow milk gets converted into lactic acid. Here only 100% grass-fed cow’s milk is used. The cows are allowed to graze on open pasture all over the year. As a result they produce best quality milk. Ghee does not contain any live culture but as cultured ghee contains lactic acid, it offers a soothing effect on the digestive system if it is added to the diet.


Health Benefits

  • Cultured grass-fed ghee is a better option for lactose-intolerant people as it has zero lactose.
  • This unique dairy staple is rich in butyrate as it contains butyric acid which helps in cleaning our gut.
  • Ghee is rich in saturated fats (Omega 3, Omega 6) which have the ability to prevent hunger pang and thereby reduce calorie intake. If you consume ghee in a moderate way, it can help in healthy weight loss.
  • Organic ghee is also helpful in boosting immunity due to the presence of several fat-soluble vitamins, CLA, and other micronutrients.
  • Cultured grass-fed ghee is good for bone health and it offers flexibility for bone joints.
  • Ghee keeps our heart healthy by reducing the bad cholesterol level (LDL) in the body and maintaining good cholesterol level (HDL) in the body.
  • Clarified butter is powerful in giving you a soft and supple skin. Ghee is known to be suitable for all skin types and it also has vital fatty acids that help in hydration of the skin cells.
  • Another important quality of ghee is storage friendliness. Ghee needs no refrigeration support and can stay intact for 12-18 months.


Cultured grass-fed ghee by Milkio Foods is the USDA certified 100% pure dairy product.  It is free of color, flavor, and all types of chemical preservative. Milkio uses 100% grass-fed cow milk in New Zealand to produce ghee. Buy Milkio grass fed organic cow ghee and enjoy all the ghee benefits at its best!

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