A Guide to Buy an Affordable Health Insurance

In order to keep yourself and your family healthy and fit, Affordable Health Insurance is mandatory. As medical care is quite expensive, a health insurance usually covers almost all medical expenses at low-cost, including prescription drugs, doctor consultation fees, emergency services and many more, depending on your insurance plan.

There are multiple services and providers available where you can Buy Health Insurance, giving you a vast variety of health insurance options to choose from. Although most of the people consider price as the first things, but when getting insurance, you must look for a plan that will provide you required benefits and coverage plus it is affordable too.

Let’s discover how to get affordable insurance;

Medicaid – The Most Affordable Option

If you are looking for the cheapest option, or simply you cannot afford the expensive plan, the Medicaid is the best option for you. But in order to get Medicaid, you have to be eligible in terms of your income plus in which state you are living in.

Individual Health Insurance

In case if you are not eligible to Medicaid, consider looking for your needs and affordability to get an individual health insurance. It offers a wide variety of coverage including the most significant health benefits; Outpatient services, Prescription drugs, Emergency services, Rehabilitative services, Hospitalization, Laboratory services, Maternity and newborn care, Preventative and wellness services, Mental health and substance abuse care, and Pediatric services.

Beside the benefits it covers, individual health insurance offers you different plans to choose the most suitable one. The different plans you have available usually depend on the state you are living in. The most common are following under the head;

Bronze Health Insurance

If you are looking for the low-rate plans, you can get the bronze plan from insurance marketplace. It offers lowest premium, the deductibles and out-of-pocket are quite high as compare to the other plans.

Silver Health Insurance

If you have low income, a silver plan is the suitable for you. Providing you the moderate premium, deductible and out-of-pocket expenses. It can be considered the most affordable due to cost-sharing reductions, allowing you to receive the reduced amount on deductible. Premium and out-of-pocket maximum. But to get the reduction, there is a condition of having one’s income less than 250 percent of the federal poverty level.

Gold Health Insurance

As compared to the bronze and silver, gold is the expensive plan. It offers the moderate deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum though. This is the perfect for those who expect high medical expenses and wants to save money as well.

How to Buy an Affordable Health Insurance?

You can get an affordable health insurance easily. As there are plenty of providers and marketplace services available to provide you best policy without breaking your bank. You can buy insurance policy during the annual open enrolment period and get both private and public policy like Medicaid. But the thing you should keep in your mind. You must do some research and compare the price of the different types of plans.

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